025 How good is your leadership voice. Laura Sicola part 1

I recently listened to an online update given by a pharmaceutical company reporting on the progress of the development of its new drug. Afterwards, there was much discussion on the investor bulletin boards. One comment (here paraphrased) captured much of the sentiment of those who had listened – “…the data do look strong, but that guy (the CEO) really does not inspire me with confidence. Makes you think there’s something we’re not being told.” Many agreed.

To some extent haven’t we all been there? We think what we have to say is strong, but it doesn’t seem to be landing with people the way we’d like. Laura Sicola of Vocal Impact Productions has helped many leaders deal with just this disconnect. In part 1 of my conversation with Laura, we look at the overall approach she uses to help people master their leadership voice, and why good enough is not good enough.

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