021 The Problem with Hard Work

Do you work hard? When you do work hard, how does it feel? Tough, difficult? Paul explains his dislike of the phrase ‘hard work’ and describes how the concept of ‘Flow’ helped him with the idea that it’s ok to want work to be fun most of the time. And how he used the idea of Flow to make a major career decision. 21 mins 12 secs.

For more on Flow go here

020 How do leaders really learn? Scott Eblin 2

In a further extract from our conversation with Scott Eblin, leadership coach and author of "The Next Level", we asked for Scott's thoughts on how leaders really learn and how they can best use books like "The Next Level" in their development. 5 mins 00 secs

019 Getting promoted is just the start. Scott Eblin 1

Ever heard of the Peter Principle? Basically, it's the idea that people are promoted to their own level of incompetence. It’s a real thing and happens when someone fails to rise to the challenges that their new position demands. Scott Eblin is a leadership coach who understands this situation well. As a new edition of his book The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success hits the shelves, we spoke with Scott about helping people with the rise up the leadership ladder and his views on leadership development. 17mins 17 secs

For more information:  https://thenextlevel.info/

018 Learning one sticky note at a time

How do you really learn? A nice bit of feedback reminds Paul and Kurt that applying new found knowledge in meeting a real need is one of the best ways to consolidate learning.  6 mins 55 secs

017 Leadership Development - Learn Apply Repeat

Developing yourself as a leader, like improving in almost any skill, is an ongoing, iterative process. Kurt talks about a particular book, The Leadership Pipeline, that he found helpful. He also shares the fact that even though the book provided many ideas useful to his development, it wasn’t a case of once learned never forgotten. Each situation where leadership is needed is different in its own way. Consequently, leadership development is often a case of needing to re-learn and re-apply old lessons. 4 mins 53 secs

0016 Is being a leader distracting you from “your work”?

You are in the middle of working on something for a tight deadline, and one of your direct reports pops in with a question. How tempted are you to put them off? Or maybe quickly problem solve and send them on their way? Understandable reactions, but it can be too easy to prioritise day-to-day leadership. Paul and Kurt share their experience of dealing with this kind of challenge. 4 mins 55 secs

015 Leadership Development - can you hack it?

There has never been more material available on the topic of leadership development. In particular, there is now a lot of advice on leadership hacks. Spoiler alert - we don't believe that there are shortcuts to significantly boosting your leadership skills. Kurt shares his realisation about what it takes to grow as a leader and how that affected his career choice. And Paul shares an example of how improvements in the specifics of managing a poor performer, helped in his long-term development. 16 mins 35 secs.

014 The Wounds of Change.

Even if you know that change is a part of working life and you think you are prepared for its arrival, it can still leave wounds. And sometimes it can be tough to find the route to recovery. 28 mins 06 secs

011 A leadership conversation that really made a difference.

Some leadership conversations can have such an impact that they can influence someone for their entire career. In this episode, we break our five-minute length rule to bring you a story of such a conversation. Two minutes was all it took, but the result has stayed with Kurt to this day. 17 mins 42 secs

010 How do you interview an introvert?

Introverts are people who don't like talking, right? They're shy, aren't they? Think again. How do you interview an introvert? Let's ask one. Turns out it's an energy thing. 4 mins 38 secs.

009 Is intimacy a useful quality in a business podcast?

Podcast fans often talk about how they love the "intimacy" of listening to a podcast. There certainly is a special pleasure to be had from the way a podcast can draw you into a story or give you a sense of connection with a celebrity revealing inner feelings. But is this kind of intimacy a useful quality in a business setting? Come closer and we'll tell you what we think. 4 mins 51 secs.

008 Not everyone is wild about the idea of being in a podcast.

Sometimes you can get the impression that your interviewee would rather be having root canal surgery than be in a podcast. They know their stuff, they can become animated and passionate when talking about it, but once you turn up with your microphone reluctance even dread can take over. When this happens then it's time to chill out. Relax. Chat about anything. Ease your way to a gentle conversation about the subject of the podcast, but make sure you leave the recorder running... 3 mins 37 secs

007 Making a podcast is like baking a cake. Anyone can do it.

It's never been easier to make a podcast. It's like baking a cake; get the ingredients, follow the standard recipe and voila! So if you fancy doing it yourself, then our message is "go for it!" Will your podcast be great? Maybe. Is every cake baked Cordon Bleu standard? Some yes, others... Nonetheless, we are keen to promote the use of podcasting as a leadership tool in any way we can. So if your preference is to D-I-Y, then do have a go. Let us know how you get on. Want some (free!) advice on getting going, get in touch. 3 mins 39 secs

006 The secret to a great leadership podcast.

The secret to a great leadership podcast? It's actually no different to communicating via any medium - start with a clear communication strategy. Sounds obvious, but it's commonly missed. 3 mins 32 secs

005 How long should a podcast be?

Regular podcast listeners love long ones. Some will not listen if there's less than 30 minutes content. But in business it can be a very different story - time is precious and listeners need to be sure that listening is going to be worth it. 4 mins 35 secs.

004 Presenting the leader as well as the message.

People want to get to know their leaders. They want to understand where leaders are coming from and hear how they arrived at ideas and decisions. They want to know the person behind the message. Podcasting is the perfect way to do this. 04 mins 16 secs

003 Digitising the Water-Cooler.

A key advantage of modern open-plan office design is cross-team, cross-functional interaction and idea sharing. But what about extending these conversations globally? Maybe podcasting can help. 03 mins 20 secs