Sometimes the only way to truly communicate an idea is to talk, to explain, to have a conversation. Of course, in our modern, dispersed, globalised world, communicating to everyone via conversation can be difficult.

A number of years ago we faced this challenge ourselves. As part of a large global change programme, we needed to communicate a range of complex ideas to several thousand people. The usual channels had taken us so far, but people wanted more. They wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the ideas being introduced, and to hear more directly from the leaders of the change. So, we gave podcasting a try. Not only was it a great success at the time, but we got bitten by the bug and consequently set up Voquinexus

If you are a leader and you need people to really hear and understand you and your ideas, or you want to be able to share the experiences and stories of people within and outside your organisation, podcasting may be just right for you.

Let's talk.